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This is a 6-issue test site, to try out the Academic Subscription for the Hiragana Times magazine.

Enriching Japanese language education since 1986!

To try out an Academic Subscription, click on the cover and you will be able to enter automatically. This will only work if you have contacted us and provided your IP range first. 

For a simple look into the subscription, you can request a password. The password is only for testing and is not required for full access to the entire  library of back issues (running from June 2014 to present). Click the button below and enter that password.

This test site has 6 issues, from July - December, 2016.

Easy Entry

Benefits over a print subscription:
- 80% cheaper than the cover price (print magazine)
- no shipping charges or taxes
- 150-180 audio files per issue (English and Japanese)
- printable worksheet for writing practice (each issue)
- timely, engaging articles about Japan and Japanese life

Benefits over apps for all students:
- 80% cheaper than the app price
- access to all back issues (to June 2014)
- use on any device (phone, tablet, PC)
- no issues with device compatibility, or switching to a new device
- no use of space on devices (even a "full phone" would be able to access all issues)

November 2016

All for $1 per student, per month

- this is an academic price, and not intended for individual use (price is in US dollars)
- if your school has 1,000 students, but only 40 are studying Japanese, then it is $40/month x 12 months = $480/year
- we lock access to your school's IP range, allowing easy access to all current issues, dating back to June 2014 (no login or password required)
- we monitor usage, and the web stats are far different for 40 students, than 100 students (but we work from an area of trust)

How does my school sign up?
- we need to know how many students, and your school's IP information
- we will invoice you, based on the number of learners of Japanese (who will be accessing the collection)
- click the WebForm button below to send us your details


For more information, contact us at:  subs@decpub.com

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